Stopping or canceling the z/OS location service daemon from the MVS console

Location service daemons provide the CORBA location service in support of Remote Method Invocation and Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (RMI/IIOP). This topic discusses how to issue MVS™ console commands to stop or cancel the z/OS location service daemon.

We must first install WebSphere Application Server.

If we cancel or stop the location service daemon, it cancels or stops all WebSphere Application Servers on the system. If we installed WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, the location service daemon also cancels or stops the deployment manager and the node agents.

Issue one of the following commands to stop the location service daemon:


If we issue the stop command, the server finishes all remaining work before shutting itself down. If we issue the cancel command, the server stops quickly. Inflight data and transactions might be lost.

Use the cancel command that has the ARMRESTART option if automatic restart management (ARM) is active and you want the ARM to restart the location service daemon.


You have stopped or cancelled the location service daemon.