Registering host computers with job managers

We must register a remote host computer with a job manager to enable the job manager to access applications, command files, and other resources on the host computer.

Create a job manager profile and start the job manager.

A remote host target is not required to have any WebSphere Application Server products installed. There are no software requirements for this host beyond its operating system. To register remote hosts, we can use the Targets page of an administrative console or the wsadmin registerHost command.

To register Liberty profile servers with a job manager, use a procedure for registering a target with a host. We can set variables for Liberty profile servers in a registerHost command.


After the host is registered with the job manager, the console or wsadmin displays the unique ID (UUID) of the host.


We can set variables for Liberty profiles in the host properties when registering a host with the registerHost command. The variables specify the root directories to which to install Liberty profile resources and specify search paths for finding resources.

  1. Open a command prompt at the bin directory of the job manager profile.

  2. Start and use the Jython scripting language.

      wsadmin -lang jython

  3. Run an AdminTask registerHost command that specifies the variable name and value.

    For example, set the WLP_WORKING_DIR variable to use the C:\liberty directory:

    AdminTask.registerHost('-host host -hostProps [[username admin][password password]
     [saveSecurity true][WLP_WORKING_DIR C:/liberty]]')

What to do next

Verify that the host is registered with the job manager and that the job manager can list the target resources.

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