Manage Installation Manager using the job manager

We can store and manage all of the installation manager installation kits from a central location.

Before we can work with IBM Installation Manager, you must register at least one host with the job manager. We must also have acquired one or more Installation Manager installation kits.

(zos) Note: CIM jobs to install, uninstall, and update Installation Manager are not supported on z/OS targets. We must first install Installation Manager on z/OS targets before using CIM manage offerings jobs.

Supported configurations: IBM Installation Manager 1.4.3 or later is required.

If we have multiple Installation Manager offerings or need to manage Installation Manager on multiple remote machines, the job manager can automate this process. Job manager can also store your Installation Manager installation kits in a single repository. This allows you to manage the installation kits from a single location and send the installation kits to multiple machines.


You have installed, updated, or deleted Installation Manager and Installation Manager installation kits on a target machine.

What to do next

We can continue to view node resources and do other job management tasks such as submit jobs, create node groups for job submission, and view nodes.

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