dumpIMPState.py script

Use the dumpIMPState.py script to record the state of various Intelligent Management processes. We can use this script for problem diagnosis and debugging purposes when requested by IBM support. The detailed state of the on demand router (ODR), the deployment manager, and application server processes are displayed when using this script.


We can dump the state of active Intelligent Management processes with this script.

For transitioning users: The WebSphere Virtual Enterprise command that equates to dumpIMPState.py is dumpXdState.py. If we are making the transition from WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, we can continue to use the dumpXdState.py command, which operates the same as the dumpIMPState.py command.trns


The dumpIMPState.py script is in the app_server_root\bin directory.


The dumpIMPState.py script must be run from the app_server_root\bin directory . To automatically detect active Intelligent Management processes and write their state information to a file, use the following command:

Where output_file_name is the name of a file to save the output.



Exports information for all of the Intelligent Management processes into the specified text file. This option exports a large amount of data, for example, a small topology might result in a text file that is over 2500 kilobytes.


Specifies a domain. The default is *, or all domains.


Exports information for the deployment manager specified in the option.


Displays the help for this script.


Exports information for the ODR specified in the option. The output for this option is similar to output that you get from the dumpOdrState.jacl script, but includes additional information from internal processes.


Exports information for the server specified in the option.

The following example automatically detects Intelligent Management processes and writes their state information to the file file1:


The dumpIMPState.py script dumps the state of various Intelligent Management processes by invoking the managed beans (MBean) of those processes. The dumped information is written to the output file name specified on the command line. Provide this file to IBM support for diagnosis and debugging of problems.

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