serverQuiesce.py script

We can use the serverQuiesce.py script to decrease workload to a Session Initiation Protocol(SIP) container over an interval, and optionally stop the server. We can also cancel the quiesce during a set time interval if certain conditions are met.


With this script, we can gradually decrease workload to a SIP container over an interval. We can also optionally stop the server.

(zos) Restriction: Intelligent Management does not support SIP features on the z/OS operating system.


The serverQuiesce.py script is located in the app_server_root/bin directory.


Run the following command.

Replace the <operation> and [options] variables with the appropriate operation and options for the task.


Use the following operations with the serverQuiesce.py script:


Gradually decreases the workload to a SIP container.

Option Description
nodeName Name of the node.
serverName Name of the server.
phaseOneInterval Time in milliseconds for the interval.
performPhaseTwo Specifies a boolean that indicates whether to stop the server.


Cancels the quiesce during the time interval set. To successfully cancel the quiesce, ensure that the time interval has not expired and the optional server stop occurs at the end of the interval.

Option Description
nodeName Name of the node.
serverName Name of the server.


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