pluginMerge script

We can use the pluginMerge script to merge the plugin-cfg.xml files from two or more unbridged cells in order to allow an IBM HTTP server plug-in to route to all cells according to the defined mode.


The pluginMerge.bat|.sh script combines the plugin-cfg.xml files from two or more unbridged cells so that an IBM HTTP server plug-in can load-balance across the cells, fail over to defined (backup) cells, or route to all cells, according to precedence.


The pluginMerge script is in the app_server_root/bin directory. Before running this script, ensure that you have the environment variable configured to point to the directory of the WebSphere installation.


The default script usage follows:

To display help, run the script without passing any arguments.



Load-balance merge. Merged output allows for load-balancing across the cells.


Failover merge. The merged output allows for failover to backup servers. The sequence of the input plugin-cfg.xml files determines which servers are considered primary or backup for a specific URI. If a shared URI is discovered, the primary server is the one corresponding to the URI in the leftmost matched plugin-cfg.xml file. All other servers are listed as backup. If a URI is unique to a specific plugin-cfg.xml file, the corresponding servers are marked as primary for the unique URI.


Precedence merge. The precedence ranking is determined by the sequence of the input plugin-cfg.xml files. The merged output limits routing requests for shared URIs to only the servers contained in the leftmost matched input plugin-cfg.xml file. If a URI is unique across the input plugin-cfg.xml files, then the servers corresponding to that URI are the ones routed to.

A URI is considered to be shared between two unbridged cells if the URI and the corresponding virtual host definition are identical between plugin-cfg.xml files. In the following example, the merged output contained in plugin-cfg-merged.xml allows an IBM HTTP server plug-in to load balance requests between all servers contained in the input plugin-cfg.xml files (plugin-cfg-cell1.xml, plugin-cfg-cell2.xml, plugin-cfg-cell3.xml):

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