createDynamicCluster.jacl script

We can use the createDynamicCluster.jacl script to create a dynamic cluster.


The createDynamicCluster.jacl script creates a dynamic cluster and associates it with a node group.

We can also use the Jacl scripts to create and delete dynamic clusters. For more information about available options for configuring dynamic clusters, read about dynamic cluster administrative tasks.


The createDynamicCluster.jacl script is in the app_server_root/bin directory.


To run the createDynamicCluster.jacl script with the wsadmin utility, use the following command:

In place of node_group_name and dynamic_cluster_name, use the name of the node group to associate with your new dynamic cluster. Modify wsadmin to or wsadmin.bat, depending on the operating environment.

The code in the runtime creates a membership policy when creating the dynamic cluster. For example, if you indicate the node_group_1 node group, the membership policy of node_nodegroup='node_group_1' is created.

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