script permits the interaction with the On Demand Configuration (ODC) tree. The ODC tree is an in-memory representation of the state of a WAS cell.


The script helps with troubleshooting On Demand Router (ODR) issues. We can also use the script to alter the ODC tree.

Forced alterations to the ODC tree might require a restart of the cell in order to correct inadvertent ODC tree corruption.

For transitioning users: The WebSphere Virtual Enterprise command that equates to is If we are making the transition from WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, we can continue to use the command, which operates the same as the command.trns


The script is in the app_server_root/bin directory.


To obtain the usage information for, run:


Generate a target.xml file to determine the ODC names to plug into the script.


We can perform the following operations with the script:


Generate a target.xml file to determine the ODC names to include in the script. The following code example shows a shortened version of a target.xml file, where parameters for the cell, node, and server to use in the script are located.

cellGroup name="target">   !-- cell section -->
    <cell name="Cell1">
     !--  node section  -->         <node name="metis07">
        !--  server section -->           <server name="odr">
         <property name="state" priority="1" value="STOPPED" /> 

To delete the server named odr from the ODC tree, type the following command:

Note that /cellGroup/target is never specified as part of the path.

In this example, the property ODC object is named state, with a value of STOPPED, and a priority of 1. To change the property to STARTED, use the following command:

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