MirrorCell script

We can use the MirrorCell script to create representations of servers that are running previous versions of WAS in the Intelligent Management environment.


The MirrorCell script creates a representation in the Intelligent Management console of WAS application servers from previous versions, such as Version 5.1 or Version 6. Before you run this script generate the mappings file.


The MirrorCell script is in the app_server_root/bin directory.




Full path to the properties file.


The default mode is ALL if we do not specify the value or specify a value that is not valid. We can specify the following modes:

  • ALL: Runs through every phase of the process.

  • READ: Reads the cell configuration into an XML definition file only.

  • DIFF: Differentiates the previously known configuration from the new configuration to detect changes or unnecessary configurations.

  • WRITE: Creates the new configurations from the XML definitions file.

  • PROPSGEN: Generates the properties file only. One useful application of the PROPSGEN mode is to run this mode as a cell administrator, set the user name and password while in the default encryption mode, and then give the properties file to a non-administrator to use when running the scripts. This action ensures that only the initial administrator that generates the file knows the values for the user name and password.



The properties file does not encrypt the user name and password; however you must then use this option every time you run the scripts. Otherwise, the logic assumes that you are using encrypted data.


The script preforms trial run and does not persist any of the changes that were made. To ensure that the script runs correctly, use this option when you first run the script.

The following example creates the new configurations only and disables the persistence of changes:

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