Web container transport chain custom properties

Use this page to set custom properties for a web container transport channel.

To specify custom properties for a specific transport on the web container transport chain:

  1. In the console click Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > server_name > Web Container Settings > Web container transport chains.

  2. Select a transport chain.

  3. Under Transport Channels select Web container inbound channel (channel_name).

  4. Under Additional Properties select Custom properties.

  5. On the Custom properties page, click New.

  6. On the settings page, enter the property to configure in the Name field and the value to set it to in the Value field.

  7. Click Apply or OK.

  8. Click Save on the console task bar to save your configuration changes.

  9. Restart the server.

Following is a list of custom properties provided with the Application Server. These properties are not shown on the settings page for a web container transport. We can use the custom properties page to define the following custom properties:


This custom property disables request message chunking when set to true. All of the request body up to protocol_http_large_data_inbound_buffer is buffered in memory.

For WCInboundAdmin and WCInboundAdminSecure transport chains, chunking is enabled by default to install large EAR files through the console. For example, the settings for these chains are disableRequestMessageChunking=false . When chunking is enabled, the protocol_http_large_data_inbound_buffer value is ignored because the entire HTTP request is not buffered in the controller.

When chunking is disabled, the protocol_http_large_data_inbound_buffer value is used because the entire HTTP request is buffered in the controller.

Information Value
Property name disableRequestMessageChunking
Data type string
Value True or False
Default By default, administrative chains have the disableRequestMessageChunking custom property explicitly set to true.


When disableRequestMessageChunking is set to false, this is the maximum amount of request body that is buffered in memory before sending the next chunk to the servant. The maxRequestMessageBodySize custom property is valid only if the disableRequestMessageChunking custom property is set to false.

Information Value
Property name maxRequestMessageBodySize
Default 32 kilobytes (KB)

The minimum value is 32 and the maximum value is 8192, which is equivalent to 8MB.


We can use this property to specify, in kilobytes, the buffer size for the SSL channel.

To add this property to the transport chain configuration setting for an SSL channel, click the name of the transport chain, and then click ssl_channel_name > Custom properties > New.

Information Value
Property name sslCustomApplicationBufferSize
Default -1, which means the SSL Engine application buffer size (16660 kilobytes) is used as the size of the buffer for the SSL Channel


When true, during a handshake with the client, the SSL Channel calculates the amount of time that can elapse before a the TCP timeout occurs based on the setting for the Socket timeout on the TCP channel. Therefore, when this property is set to true, the handshake can never take longer than the amount of time specified for the Socket timeout on the TCP Channel.

This property only applies to the SSL channel for a secure Web container transport chain, and is added to you configuration settings by clicking the name of the transport chain, and then clicking SSL inbound channel > Custom properties > New.

Information Value
Property name useStrictSSLConnectTimeout
Default false

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