WebSphere Application Server roles and goals

Enterprise architect

The enterprise architect provides overall leadership for all architectural and technological matters with respect to the company's IT environment.

Solution architect

The solution architect designs and coordinates a new solution, application or component with end-to-end responsibility including both hardware and software elements.

The main goal of the solution architect is to design a solution that supports the specification set by the enterprise architect.

System administrator

The system administrator is responsible for managing systems and software, and for installing operating system upgrades and middleware products in many accounts.

The system administrator installs and configures appropriate hardware and software (including middleware) to implement the design provided by the solution architect. Additionally the system administrator monitors and maintains the configured system, modifying and removing previously configured objects as and when required.

Application developer

The application developer creates business applications.

The goal of the application developer is to develop applications that provide the business services described by the solution architect.


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