Recovering with JTA XAResource managers

When a JTA XAResource manager is enlisted in a global transaction, it cannot express an interest in the z/OS Resource Recovery Services unit of recovery (UR) like an RRS resource manager can. Instead, the product transaction service will save information in its RRS interest indicating that a JTA Resource Manager was enlisted in the transaction.


When you look at the UR through the RRS panels, you will not see an interest for each XA transaction branch, as you would for a resource manager like DB2 or CICS interest.

Because of the differences between RRS and JTA XAResource Managers, there is a different set of errors that can occur when dealing with a JTA XAResource. The following sections describe errors you might see when recovering with a JTA XAResource Manager. Some of these errors are expected, while others may indicate that there is another type of problem, such as connectivity, that needs to be addressed.

This topic describes Peer Restart and Recovery messages that are unique to the z/OS environment.


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