Object names: What the name string cannot contain

When creating a new object using the console or a wsadmin command, you often must specify a string for a name attribute.

Most characters are allowed in the name string. However, the name string cannot contain the following characters. The name string also cannot contain leading and trailing spaces.

Character Description
/ forward slash
\ backslash
* asterisk
, comma
: colon
; semi-colon
= equal sign
+ plus sign
? question mark
| vertical bar
< left angle bracket
> right angle bracket
& ampersand (and sign)
% percent sign
' single quote mark
" double quote mark
]]> No specific name exists for this character combination.
. period (not valid if first character; valid if a later character)
# Hash mark
$ Dollar sign
~ Tilde
( Left parenthesis
) Right parenthesis

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