Intelligent Management in a micro-partitioned environment

We can use Intelligent Management in a micro-partitioned environment. We can use shared processor partitions with Intelligent Management.

Terminology for server virtualization on POWER AIX systems

Review the following terms when using Intelligent Management on a POWER AIX system:

Logical partitioning

The ability to divide the resources of a system to create multiple separate servers. Each server runs its own operating system.


The ability to share a pool of physical processors across multiple logical partitions. Physical processors can be allocated to a partition in increments of 0.1 a processor.

Shared processor partition

A partition configured to use a shared processor pool. A shared processor partition is a type of micro-partition.

Entitled capacity

The percentage of processor usage that is granted to a partition; specified in terms of .01 of a processor.

Capped partition

A partition that cannot be granted more processing units beyond the configured entitlement for the partition.

Uncapped partition

A partition that can exceed its configured entitlement when needed, if resources permit.

Entitled capacity

A shared processor partition has a metric called Entitled Capacity Percentage. This metric represents the percentage the partition is using of its entitlement at a given point in time. The metric is visible in popular AIX system monitoring tools like the lparstat command, the nmon command, and the topas command.

An uncapped, shared processor partition can be assigned more processing capacity beyond its entitlement. The amount of processing capacity beyond its entitlement depends on the availability of the availability of processors in the shared pool and the maximum amount that the virtual processor configuration allows.

Intelligent Management and shared processor partitions

  • Intelligent Management can be used in environments with shared processor partitions or with dynamically shared processor pools on physical hardware.

    Shared processor partition statistics are available. These statistics help you understand the utilization of a shared processor partition and the dynamic capacity of the shared processor pool. The statistics are helpful for Intelligent Management monitoring in a micro-partitioned environment.

  • NodeStatsHistoricCache
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