Job manager targets

Job manager targets can include stand-alone application servers, deployment managers that have a federated node, and remote hosts. Before a job manager can access and run jobs on a target, you must register the target with the job manager.

Stand-alone application servers

Stand-alone application servers are also called unfederated or base application servers. They are not managed by a deployment manager. Stand-alone application servers typically have a profile name such as AppSvr01. We must register stand-alone application servers with an administrative agent before we can register the stand-alone application servers with the job manager. The administrative agent must be on the same computer as its stand-alone nodes. Registering the stand-alone nodes with the administrative agent enables the administrative agent to manage the nodes. Registering stand-alone nodes with a job manager enables the job manager to administer stand-alone application server nodes.


dmgrs are available in the Network Deployment product. A deployment manager can have a Version 8, Version 7, or Version 6 federated node. A deployment manager that is registered with a job manager can manage a mixed version cell. Using the job manager, we can submit jobs that manage any resources in the mixed version cell, including resources on a Version 6 federated node.

Remote hosts

Remote hosts are host computers. The computer on which a WAS product is installed can be a remote host. However, a remote host target is not required to have any WebSphere Application Server products installed. Further, any computer that uses a supported operating system can be a remote host. There are no software requirements for a host beyond its operating system.

To work with Liberty profile resources, at least one host must be registered with the job manager as a target.

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