Job manager resources

A job manager stores minimal information about its targets. However, it stores information about known resources on its targets. For targets that are stand-alone application server nodes, the resources include applications, servers, and their status. For targets that are deployment manager federated nodes, the resources include applications, servers, nodes, clusters, and their status. For targets that are remote hosts, the resources can include projects, binary files, applications, command files, software development kits, or other resources on the host and their status.

Each resource has a resource type. For example, application, server, or cluster.

Each resource also has a resource ID. For example:

The resource ID implies the scoping of resources. For example, a server is scoped within a node.

One or more properties are associated with each resource. For example, the properties for an application might be name=app1 and status=running. After you submit a job to a target or a target group, the job parameter might identify a resource. For example, a job to start an application server that you submit to a federated node target might use the parameter nodes/node1/servers/server1.


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