users.props file

This example presents the format for the users.props file.

The sample that is provided is intended to familiarize you with this feature. Do not use this sample in an actual production environment.



# 5639-D57, 5630-A36, 5630-A37, 5724-D18 
# (C) COPYRIGHT International Business Machines Corp. 1997, 2005
# All Rights Reserved * Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
# Format:
# name:passwd:uid:gids:display name
# where name   = userId/userName of the user
#       passwd = password of the user
#       uid    = uniqueId of the user
#       gid    = groupIds of the groups that the user belongs to
#       display name = a (optional) display name for the user. bob:bob1:123:567:bob dave:dave1:234:678: jay:jay1:345:678,789:Jay-Jay ted:ted1:456:678:Teddy G jeff:jeff1:222:789:Jeff vikas:vikas1:333:789:vikas bobby:bobby1:444:789:


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