IIP additional files

Use this panel to add files and directories to the integrated installation package (IIP).

For example, we can include a readme file or other additional information in addition to the install packages in the IIP. The Installation Factory engine copies these files into the IIP when it is generated. However, no additional processing will be done at install time. This behavior is in contrast to the behavior of customized installation packages (CIPs) which can run included scripts. To run scripts in the package, then first include them in a CIP, and then include that CIP in the IIP.

If working in disconnected mode we cannot browse for files or directories and instead must specify the paths manually.

Add Files

Specifies files to add to the IIP.

Add Directories

Specifies directories to add to the IIP. Select Include subdirectories to include all subdirectories.


Select an entry and click Modify to change the file path and file name or the directory path and directory name.


Removes selected files and directories from the IIP.

File name

File name.

Directory path

Directory where the file resides.

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