CIP maintenance packages

Use this panel to optionally select maintenance packages (*.pak files) to include in the customized installation package (CIP).

Select maintenance packages is optional. The types of packages to include are the choice. For example, we can skip fix packs and install an interim fix. Or we can install one fix pack and five interim fixes.

Fix pack compressed files are bundled with the Update Installer for WAS ND. Decompress these files to expose the maintenance package (*.pak) file in the /updateinstaller/maintenance directory.

[AIX Solaris HP-UX Linux Windows] Always select a PAK file when selecting a maintenance package, such as the updateinstaller\maintenance\6.1-WS-WAS-WinX32-RP0000001.pak file.

[iSeries] Always select a PAK file when selecting a maintenance package, such as the /QIBM/ProdData/WebSphere/UpdateInstaller/V61/UPDI/maintenance/6.1.0-WS-WAS-i5osPPC-FP0000001.pak file.

We can select only one fix pack and one software development kit fix pack. Fix packs are cumulative. Always select the latest package available.

We can type directly into each field to identify the file path and file name of the *.pak file. Or, click Browse in connected mode to search for and select the existing file.


The processing engine requires selected maintenance packages to have a valid file path and valid format. In connected mode, validation of the file path and maintenance packages occurs when you click Next. Validation of whether a maintenance package is valid also occurs when you click Next.

In disconnected mode, the processing engine performs validation while building the customized installation package.

Disconnected mode affects file path specifications

The directory and valid maintenance package must exist in connected mode. In disconnected mode, remember to specify the file path and the name of the *.pak file in terms of the machine where the processing engine machine runs. The processing engine must be able to locate the maintenance package at build time.

What are maintenance packages?

Maintenance packages include fix packs and interim fixes.

Fix pack: A fix pack is a cumulative package of fixes, such as V6.1.0.15.

A fix pack installs on top of a previous fix pack, such as applying Version to V6.1.0.15. Fix packs are cumulative, so Version includes all fixes in V6.1.015.

Check the list of delivered fixes in the fix pack to determine which interim fixes must be reinstalled. If an interim fix is deleted, but the fix is not in the fix pack, reinstall the interim fix.

Fix packs for the Java 2 Software Developer Kit (SDK): Fix packs for the Java™ 2 SDK include cumulative maintenance for the SDK.

Interim fix:An interim fix is a single published emergency fix that resolves one or more product defects, such as PQ79582. An interim fix can be applied to a release or fix pack where applicable. Interim fixes are validated by at least one customer prior to publication.

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