CIP product, package and edition selection

The Installation Factory console starts the Product Selection wizard when creating a new customized installation package (CIP) build definition file. Use this panel to specify the desired product, package, and edition. To view this product selection wizard panel, click Create New Customized Installation Packages in the IBM Installation Factory console.


Specifies the WAS product that you intend to install.

For example, select IBM Websphere Application Server

Product packages

Product package.

For example, to create a package for WAS, select Websphere Application Server. We can also create installation packages containing feature packs.

Product editions

Product edition.

All options are highlighted if we have selected a feature pack in WAS packages field, since feature packs are edition-neutral and applies to all listed options. However, if the WAS package is selected, then we might choose any one of the following editions:

Trial Express

Trial edition of WAS, Express

Trial Base

Trial edition of WAS (base)




WAS, Express


WAS (base)

Click Finish to complete the Product Selection wizard.

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