CIP additional files

Use this panel to add files and directories to the customized installation package (CIP).

Scripts can run at any of four possible times: CIP installation, CIP uninstallation, profile creation, or profile deletion. A script can call other scripts that we can include as additional files. For example, although we can deploy EAR files in the Profile customization panel, those EAR files must deploy with default deployment options. If deploy an EAR with different options, then include the EAR file as an additional file. Then include a script in the Profile customization panel to deploy the EAR file.

All additional files and directories are located in the installed CIP in the cip_uid_root /userFiles directory.

Add Files

Specifies files to add to the CIP. Browse within a configured system or within a cache of relevant files to select additional files to include in the CIP. For example, we can include one or more script files that are called by a script listed in the Profile customization panel. When the script runs at profile creation or deletion time, the script can call other scripts that you include as additional files.

Similarly, a script listed in the Install and Uninstall Scripts panel runs at CIP installation or CIP uninstallation time. Such a script can call other scripts that you include as additional files.

Add Directories...

Specifies directories to add to the CIP. We can include a directory of scripts, for example, or a directory of EAR files.


Select an entry and click Modify to change the file path and file name or the directory path and directory name.


Removes selected files and directories from the CIP.

File name

File name. Use a unique name to identify this file.

Directory path

Directory where the file resides.

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