CIP installation and uninstallation scripts

Use this panel to include configuration scripts that can run after successfully installing the customized installation package (CIP) or before uninstalling the CIP. Such scripts run when the installation is a new installation. If updating an existing installation by installing a CIP that includes maintenance, these scripts do not run.


Specifies scripts that run after successfully installing the CIP.


Specifies scripts that run before uninstalling the CIP during a full uninstallation.

File name

Script file.

Directory path

Directory where the script file resides.

Failure Action Specifies what action to take if a script fails. Valid choices include:

  • Fatal error

  • Continue

Add Scripts... Opens a file browsing dialog window where we can search for and select scripts to include in the CIP. Scripts can be any of the following supported script types:

  • ANT scripts (*.ant)

  • Windows batch files (*.bat)

  • Shell scripts (*.sh)

  • JAR files




[Solaris] <p>

If you include customized shell scripts for any UNIX platform, add #!/bin/sh as the first line of the script or the script will fail to run.

The JAR files should have the main class defined in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file inside each JAR file.

Scripts are in the cip_uid_root/config/install directory when the CIP is installed. These scripts run as configuration actions after all of the configuration actions run that are in the typical installation procedure.


Select an entry, and click Modify to change the file name or the directory path.


Removes selected scripts from the CIP.

Move Up

Move a script higher in the list to make that script run earlier than lower priority scripts in the list.

Move Down

Move a script lower in the list to make that script run after higher priority scripts in the list.

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