Determining which messaging engine an application is connected to

If the application fails to receive or produce a message, you might want to find out which messaging engine it is connected to, as part of troubleshooting the problem.


  1. If the application is a JMS application, examine its connection factory as the messaging engine name might be specified there.

  2. If the application is not a JMS application, or its connection factory does not specify the messaging engine name, use one of the following methods to determine which messaging engine the application is connected to:

    • Within the application code, after the application has obtained a valid Connection object, add a call to the toString() method of that object. The connected messaging engine name will be clearly listed when you rerun the application.

    • Enable the SIBJms_External trace component and rerun the application. Inspect the generated trace for a reference to the connected messaging engine name.



Be aware that the messaging engine name returned by either of these methods relates to the rerun of the application. It is possible that the original failing instance of the application was connected to a different messaging engine in the bus.    

Last updated Nov 10, 2010 8:23:07 PM CST