Service integration troubleshooting: Checking the communication between two messaging engines in a bus

If troubleshooting a problem with the service integration system, we might want to check that two messaging engines can communicate with each other.


  1. Check that both messaging engines are running.

  2. For each messaging engine:

    1. Check the system log for a CWSIT0028I message that relates to the two messaging engines in question. This message indicates that the two messaging engines are successfully communicating with each other.

    2. Find the most recent instance (there might be only one) of the CWSIT0028I message for the two messaging engines, and check the log to make sure that a CWSIT0029I message for these two messaging engines does not appear later in the log. This message indicates that the communication connection between the two messaging engines has failed.
    If either of these checks fails, inspect the log for indications of the cause of the failure, and follow the suggested actions to rectify the problem.

Last updated Nov 10, 2010 8:23:07 PM CST