List messages on a message point

Use this task to list the messages that exist on a message point for a selected bus destination or messaging engine. To display a list of messages on a message point, use the admin console to complete the following steps:


  1. In the navigation pane, click Service integration > Buses.

  2. In the content pane, click the name of the service integration bus.


    To list the message points for a bus destination...

    1. In the content pane, under Destination resources, click Destinations.

    2. Click the destination name.


    To list the message points for a messaging engine...

    1. In the content pane, under Topology, click Messaging engines.

    2. Click the messaging engine name.

  5. Under Additional Properties, click Message points. This displays a list of message points in the content pane.

  6. Click the message point name. This displays the properties of the destination localization in the content pane.

  7. Click the Runtime tab.

  8. Under Additional Properties, click Messages.



A list of messages on the selected message point is displayed in the content pane.


Next steps

We can select one or more messages to act on; for example, to display the message content, delete messages.    

Last updated Nov 10, 2010 8:23:07 PM CST