Web server plug-in connections



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Web server plug-ins establish persistent HTTP and HTTPS connections to WAS appservers.

When plug-ins are ready to send a request to the appserver, the connection pool is checkf or existing connections.

After a connection is established between a plug-in and an appserver, it will not be closed unless...

Even if the appserver closes a connection, the plug-in will not know that it has been closed until it tries to use it again. The connection will be closed if one of the following events occur:

Avoid trouble: Sometimes, if a heavy request load is stopped or decreased abruptly on a particular appserver, a lot of the plug-in's connections to that appserver will be in CLOSE_WAIT state. Because these connections will be closed the first time the plug-in tries to reuse them, having a large number of connections in CLOSE-WAIT state should not affect performance.


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