Sun Java System Web Server v6.0 and above



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  1. Add two directives to obj.conf after the <Object name=default> tag:

    Service fn="as_handler"
    AddLog fn="as_term"

  2. Add two directives at the end of magnus.conf:

    The location for the directive varies, depending system configuration.

    Remote Web and app server are on separate machines
    local Web and app server are on the same machine
    local distributed Web and app server are on the same machine and the appserver is a managed node

    Local distributed example...

    [AIX] [HP-UX] [Linux] [Solaris]

    Init fn="load-modules" funcs="as_init,as_handler,as_term" shlib="/IBM/WAS/Plugins/bin/"
    Init fn="as_init""/IBM/WAS/Plugins/config/webserver1/plugin-cfg.xml"


    Init fn="load-modules" funcs="as_init,as_handler,as_term" shlib="C:\IBM\WebSphere\Plugins\bin\ns41_http.dll"
    Init fn="as_init""C:\IBM\WebSphere\Plugins\config\webserver1\plugin-cfg.xml"

  3. Set the shared library path on HP-UX machines.

    export SHLIB_PATH=/usr/lib:$SHLIB_PATH

  4. Disable the feature of Sun Java System Web Server V6.1 that supports servlets and JSPs by default.

    1. Remove or comment out the following two lines from obj.conf:

      NameTrans fn="ntrans-j2ee" name="j2ee"
      Error fn="error-j2ee"

    2. Remove or comment out the following line from magnus.conf:

      [AIX] [HP-UX] [Linux] [Solaris]

      Init fn="load-modules" shlib="C:/Sun/WebServer6.1/bin/https/bin/" shlib_flags="(global|now)"


      Init fn="load-modules" shlib="C:\Sun\WebServer6.1\bin\https\bin\j2eeplugin.dll" shlib_flags="(global|now)"


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