Stopping clusters using scripting

Use scripting and wsadmin to stop appserver, generic server, and proxy server clusters.

There are multiple ways to complete this task. This page uses AdminControl to stop clusters in the appserver runtime. Alternatively, we can use the ClusterConfigCommands command group for the AdminTask object or the immediateStopAllRunningClusters, immediateStopSingleCluster, stopAllClusters, and stopSingleCluster scripts in the AdminClusterManagement script library to administer clusters.


  1. Identify the Cluster MBean and assign it to the cluster variable.

    • Jacl...

      set cluster [$AdminControl completeObjectName cell=mycell,type=Cluster,name=cluster1,*]
    • Jython...

      cluster = AdminControl.completeObjectName('cell=mycell,type=Cluster,name=cluster1,*') print cluster

    This command returns the Cluster MBean.

    For example...


  2. Stop the cluster.

    • Jacl...

      $AdminControl invoke $cluster stop
    • Jython...

      AdminControl.invoke(cluster, 'stop')

    This command invokes the stop operation on the Cluster MBean.


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