Set user ID for proper privileges

To configure a user ID for proper privileges or to log on as a service on the Windows platform.




  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policies > User Rights Assignments > Act as part of the operating system (or Log on as a service). For a Windows domain controller, replace Local Security Policy with Domain Security Policy in the first step.

    If the machine is a standalone machine and not a member of a domain, add a machineName\userID, where the userID is the owner of the process, such as WAS. If we run WAS as a service, we can log on with localsystem as the service.

  2. If the machine is a member of a domain, add domainName\userID, where the userID is the owner of process (such as WAS). Start WAS as a service with login ID domainName\userID. If WAS is already in service, go to the service and right-click IBM WAS > properties >Log on to change the logon ID and password.

  3. Add the user name by clicking Add.

  4. Restart the machine.


Next steps

In all of the previous configurations, the server can be run as a service using LocalSystem for the Log On As entry. The LocalSystem entry has the required privileges and there is no need to give special privileges to any user. However, because the LocalSystem entry has special privileges, make sure that it is appropriate to use in the environment.

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