Set TAM plug-in for Web servers for use with WAS

TAM plug-in for Web servers can be used as a security gateway for the protected WAS resources.

With such an arrangement the plug-in authorizes all user requests before passing the credentials of the authorized user to WAS in the form of an iv-creds header. Trust between the plug-in and WAS is established through use of basic authentication headers containing the SSO user password.


  1. The TAM plug-in for Web servers configuration shows IV headers configured for post-authorization processing, and basic authentication configured as the authentication mechanism and for post-authorization processing, as shown in the example below.

  2. After a request is authorized, the basic authentication header is removed from the request (strip-hdr=always) and a new one is added (add-hdr=supply).

  3. Included in this new header is the password that is set when the SSO user is created in Create a trusted user account in TAM.

  4. Specify this password in the supply-password parameter and it is passed in the newly created header. This basic authentication header enables trust between WAS and the plug-in.

  5. An iv-creds header is also added (generate=iv-creds), which contains the credential information of the user passed onto WAS. Session cookies are used to maintain session state.



[common-modules] authentication = BA session = session-cookie post-authzn = BA post-authzn = iv-headers

[iv-headers] accept = all generate = iv-creds

[BA] strip-hdr = always add-hdr = supply supply-password = sso_user_password


Next steps

Set single sign-on using trust association or Set single sign-on using trust association interceptor ++


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