Set IBM HTTP Server V6.x



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When you install the Web server plug-ins for WAS, the Plug-ins installation wizard configures the Web server.

Configure IBM HTTP Server for the operating system.


What to do next

If the IBM HTTP Server V1.3.x directive, LoadModule ibm_app_server_http_module, is present in an IBM HTTP Server V6.x and later httpd.conf file, IBM HTTP Server cannot start. You must comment or delete the directive to start the V6.x server.

The mod_was_ap20_http plug-in module requires the GSKIT SSL encryption library if the plug-in is configured to support encrypted connections to back-end WASs.

The Plug-ins installation wizard installs the GSKIT SSL encryption library at the required level if it is not installed. If we manually copy the plug-in to a new machine, we might not have the required GSKIT libraries for encrypting back-end connections.


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