Secure the environment after installation

WAS depends on several configuration files that are created during installation. These files contain password information and need protection. Although the files are protected to a limited degree during installation, this basic level of protection is probably not sufficient for the site. You should verify that these files are protected in compliance with the policies of the site.

A Kerberos keytab configuration file contains a list of keys that are analogous to user passwords. The default keytab file is krb5.keytab. It is important for hosts to protect their Kerberos keytab files by storing them on the local disk, which makes them readable only by authorized users.

The files in the APP_ROOT/profiles/profile_name/config and APP_ROOT/profiles/profile_name/properties need protection. For example, give permission to the user who logs onto the system for WAS primary admin tasks. Other users or groups, such as WAS console users and console groups need permissions as well.




After securing the environment, only the users with permission can access the files. Failure to adequately secure these files can lead to a breach of security in the WAS applications.


Next steps

If failures occur that are caused by file accessing permissions, check the permission settings.


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