Secure Authentication Service inbound transport settings

To specify transport settings for connections that are accepted by this server using the Secure Authentication Service (SAS) authentication protocol. The SAS protocol is used to communicate securely to enterprise beans with previous releases of the appserver.

  1. Click...

      Security | Global security

  2. Under Authentication, expand RMI/IIOP security and click SAS inbound transport.

The panel associated with this article displays only when we have a V6.0.x server in the environment. SAS is supported only between V6.0.x and previous version servers that have been federated in a V 6.1 cell.

SSL Settings

List of predefined SSL settings to choose from for inbound connections.

These settings are configured on the SSL configuration panel. To access the SSL configuration panel...

  1. Click Security > SSL certificate and key management > Manage endpoint security configurations and trust zones.

  2. Expand Inbound > configuration_name.

  3. Under Related Items, click SSL configurations.

Data type: String
Default: DefaultSSLSettings


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Secure Authentication Service outbound transport settings