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Use wsadmin and scripting to save configuration changes to the master configuration repository.

The wsadmin tool uses the workspace to hold configuration changes. Save the changes to transfer the updates to the master configuration repository. If a scripting process ends and we have not saved the changes, the changes are discarded.

Use the following commands to save the configuration changes:

  1. Jacl...

    $AdminConfig save
  2. Jython...

If using interactive mode with wsadmin, you will be prompted to save the changes before they are discarded.

If we are using the -c option with wsadmin, changes are automatically saved. On a Unix operating system, if we invoke a command that includes a dollar sign character ($) using the wsadmin -c option, the command line attempts to substitute a variable. To avoid this problem, escape the dollar sign character with a backslash character (\). For example:

wsadmin -c "\$AdminConfig save"

If a scripting process ends and no save has been performed, any configuration changes made since the last save are discarded. If there are multiple clients (scripts or browser clients) updating the configuration at the same time, it is possible that the changes requested by a script may not be saved. If this happens, you will receive an exception and make the updates again. If the save fails, the updates will not be saved to the configuration. If it succeeds, all updates are saved. To avoid save failures, we can invoke the save command after every configuration update.

Use the reset command of the AdminConfig object to undo changes that you made to the configuration since the last save.


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