Restricting remote access using scripting



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Use wsadmin to restrict remote administration so that administrators only manage nodes locally. This prevents the base node from opening remote ports for the administrator. Each admin connection must occur from the local workstation.

  1. Launch wsadmin using Jython.

  2. Restrict remote access. Run the following set of commands for each server of interest to restrict remote access:

    server=AdminConfig.getId('/Server:server1/') AdminTask.setAdminProtocolEnabled(server, '[-conntype SOAP –enable false]')
    AdminTask.setAdminProtocolEnabled(server, '[-conntype RMI –enable false]') AdminTask.setAdminProtocolEnabled(server, '[-conntype JSR160RMI –enabled false]')
    AdminTask.setAdminProtocol(server,'[-conntype IPC -mode local]')

  3. Restart each server. Use the stopAllServers and startAllServers commands in the AdminServerManagement script library to restart each server configured with local access only...

    AdminServerManagement.stopAllServers("myNode") AdminServerManagement.startAllServers("myNode")


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