Replicating changes to a built-in, file-based repository

Changes to built-in, file-based repositories are not automatically replicated to managed nodes in a federated repositories configuration. You need to use the admin console to replicate the changes you make to a built-in, file-based repository.

The network deployment support in a federated repositories configuration only updates the in-memory state of the processes that are running on the managed nodes. Because WAS synchronizes the file systems, the network deployment support does not attempt to update the file systems of the managed nodes.

Synchronize the node configuration to replicate the changes to the built-in, file-based repository.


  1. In the admin console, click System Administration > Nodes. to access the nodes panel.

  2. On the Nodes panel, select all the relevant nodes for which the changes to the built-in, file-based repository need to be made.

  3. Click Full Resynchronize. The resynchronize operation resolves conflicts among configuration files and can take several minutes to complete.



After completing these steps, the federated repository configuration of managed nodes reflects the changes to the built-in, file-based repository.


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