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  1. As user "root", install the plugin on the Domino machine.

    Domino can only be installed as root, and the configuration files belong to root.

  2. Start the Domino server.

  3. From a Web browser, access...


    The browser prompts you for a password.

  4. Give the administrator name and password.

  5. Go to...

    Configuration | Servers | All Server Documents | server | Edit Server | Internet Protocols

  6. Add path to the Domino plug-in under the DSAPI Section.

    If specifications for filter files for the Domino Server Application Programming Interface (DSAPI) already exist, use a space to delimit the Web server plug-in for WAS.

  7. Click Save and Close in the upper-left of the center window.

  8. Define the location of the plugin-cfg.xml configuration file.

    The location varies depending on how we have configured the system.

    remote Web and app servers are on separate machines.
    local Web and app servers are on the same machine
    local distributed Web and app servers are on the same machine. Appserver node or custom node is federated.

    Set path to the plug-in configuration file...

    Install type Set
    Remote WAS_PLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE=/IBM/WAS/Plugins/config/webserver1/plugin-cfg.xml
    Local standalone WAS_PLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE=$PROFILE_ROOT/config/cells/sa_cell/nodes/node/servers/server/plugin-cfg.xml
    Local distributed WAS_PLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE=$PROFILE_ROOT/config/cells/dmgrcell/nodes/managednode/servers/server/plugin-cfg.xml

    During installation, the Plug-ins installation wizard creates

    • $PLUGINS_ROOT/bin/setupPluginCfg.sh
    • $LOTUS_ROOT/notesdata/setupPluginCfg.sh

    We can run the script from either location to set the WAS_PLUGIN_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

    The setupPluginCfg.sh script sets the file path value to the file path that the wizard configured originally.

    If reconfiguring the Web server to change the original file path, do not use this script.

    Add the appropriate statement to $LOTUS_ROOT/notes.ini

    Type of installation Set the WebSpherePluginCfg variable:
    Remote WebSpherePluginCfg=C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\Plugins\config\webserver1\plugin-cfg.xml
    Local standalone WebSpherePluginCfg=$PROFILE_ROOT\config\cells\sa_cell\nodes\node\servers\webserver1\plugin-cfg.xml
    Local distributed WebSpherePluginCfg=$PROFILE_ROOT\config\cells\dmgrcell\nodes\managednode\servers\webserver1\plugin-cfg.xml

    Do not delimit any of the following file paths with quotation marks unless there is a space in the file path. Otherwise, plugin-cfg.xml might not load correctly.

  9. Restart the Domino server.

    Information similar to the following is displayed:

    01/21/2005 01:21:51 PM JVM: Java virtual machine initialized
    WAS DSAPI filter loaded
    01/21/2005 01:21:52 PM HTTP Web Server started



This procedure results in reconfiguring V6.x of Lotus Domino.


What to do next

After configuring a Web server, we can install applications on it.

See on configuring Lotus Domino to work with WAS, search the Lotus Support Services Web site. Enter the search term WebSphere in the keyword search field.


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