Implement custom password encryption

WAS supports the use of custom password encryption.

An installation can implement any password encryption algorithm it chooses.

Complete the following steps to implement custom password encryption:


  1. Build the custom password encryption class. An example of a custom password encryption class follows.

    // CustomPasswordEncryption
    // Encryption and decryption functions public interface CustomPasswordEncryption {
        public EncryptedInfo encrypt(byte[] clearText) throws PasswordEncryptException;
        public byte[] decrypt(EncryptedInfo cipherTextInfo) throws PasswordEncryptException;
        public void initialize(HashMap initParameters);
    // Encapsulation of cipher text and label public class EncryptedInfo {
        public EncryptedInfo(byte[] bytes, String keyAlias);
        public byte[] getEncryptedBytes();
        public String getKeyAlias();

  2. Enable custom password encryption.

    1. Set the custom property to the name of the class that is to be given control.

    2. Enable the function. Set the custom property, to true.



Custom password encryption at the installation is complete.


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