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Use the ikeyman utility to create...

You can also use gsk7cmd for certificate management tasks.

On z/OS use native key management (gskkyman).

Production Web servers must use signed certificates purchased from a Certificate Authority such as...

The default certificate request file name is certreq.arm.

The certificate request file is a PKCS 10 file, in Base64-encoded format.

You can run ikeyman as a GUI or from the command-line.

Self-signed certificates are useful for test purposes but should not be used in a production Web server.

For your convenience, IHS includes several default signer certificates. Be aware that these default signer certificates have expiration dates. It is important to verify the expiration dates of all your certificates and manage them appropriately. When you purchase a signed certificate from a CA, they will provide you access to their most recent signer certificates.



List of trusted certificate authorities on the IHS
Certificate expiration dates
SSL certificate revocation list
Obtaining certificates