Deprecated, stabilized, and removed features



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Deprecated features

Deprecated features may be removed subsequent releases of WAS ND.

Generally, features are removed until at least two major releases or three full years, whichever time period is longer, after the release in which that feature is deprecated.

Features that are deprecated in major releases V6.0, V6.0.1, and V6.0.2 are not removed from WAS until after V7.0.

Stabilized features

If a feature is listed as stabilized, IBM does not currently plan to deprecate or remove this capability in a subsequent release of WAS ND; but future investment will be focused on the alternative function listed under "Strategic Alternative" in Stabilized features.

You do not need to change any of the existing applications and scripts that use a stabilized function; but you should consider using the strategic alternative for new applications.

Removed features