Data types for AdminTask

The parameters for AdminTask accept various data types for different commands. This page provides examples of valid data type syntax.

The following table lists the primitive and Java ™ data types that AdminTask accepts for different commands, including the following data types:

The following example command specifies various data types for parameter values that are commonly used with AdminTask:

wsadmin>AdminTask.helloWorld('[-personName John -personalInfo [ [cellPhone 123-456-7890] [workPhone 123-456-7892]
 [homePhone 123-456-7891] ] -pets [dog cat] -personID WebSphere:John(organization=ibm,country=usa,state=texas,city=mpls)
 –personAttrs [ [gender male] [age 29] [citizership USA] ] -hobbyList [swim tennis baseball]
 -favorFoodTable [ [juice orange] [fruit apple] ] ]')

Table 1. AdminTask parameter descriptions

Parameter Data type Example value
personName String John
personalInfo java.util.Properties [ [cellPhone 123-456-7890] [workPhone 123-456-7892] [homePhone 123-456-7891] ]
pets String[] [dog cat]
personID WebSphere:John(organization=ibm,country=usa,state=texas,city=mpls)
personAttrs [ [gender male] [age 29] [citizership USA] ]
hobbyList java.util.ArrayList [swim tennis baseball]
favorFoodTable java.util.Hashtable [ [juice orange] [fruit apple] ]

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