Create a keystore configuration for a preexisting keystore file


SSL configurations reference keystore configurations during WAS runtime. Keystore configurations reference keystore files, which can be created by a keystore tool or saved from a previous configuration.

To create a keystore configuration using wsadmin, use AdminTask createKeyStore.

To create a keystore configuration for a preexisting keystore file using the console, go to...

Security | SSL certificate and key management | Manage endpoint security configurations | [Inbound | Outbound] | Related Items | Key stores and certificates | New

...and set...

Selections include...

Read only Create a keystore configuration object but do not create a keystore file. If selected, the keystore file specified in the Path field must already exist.
Initialize at startup Initialize the keystore during runtime.
Enable cryptographic operations on a hardware device Specifies whether a hardware cryptographic device is used for cryptographic operations only. Operations that require login are not supported when using this option.



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