Create a CA client in SSL


A security configuration object, called a CAClient, must be created for WebSphere to communicate with a certificate authority (CA) to request, query, and revoke certificates.

The CAClient object must contain a WSPKIClient() implementation. Users can create their own implementation.


Create a new CA client

  1. Go to the CA clients panel...

    Security | SSL certificate and key management | Certificate Authority (CA) client configurations

  2. Click New to create a new CA client in the configuration.

    We can also create a CA client using AdminTask createCAClient

  3. Fill in the following information...

    • Name of the CA client
    • Management scope
    • WSPKIClient implementation class
    • CA server host name
    • User name
    • Password
    • Number of times to poll
    • Polling interval (minutes) when requesting certificates
    • Custom properties

  4. Click Apply then OK.


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