Change the signer auto-exchange prompt at the client

For clients to communicate with WAS, clients must obtain a signer certificate from the server. Clients can use the retrieveSigners command to connect to a server to obtain the appropriate signer. A prompt displays that asks whether or not you want to add a signer to the truststore. If the SSL configuration uses an automated script that might hang, use the prompt to obtain the certificate.

The property in the profile_home/properties/ssl.client.props file controls the signer certificate prompt. By default, this property is set to true, meaning the prompt is enabled.

Complete the following steps to disable or enable the signer-exchange prompt at the client:


  1. Open the profile_home/properties/ssl.client.props file using an editor.

  2. Locate the section containing the SSL configuration information for the client that we are working with.

  3. Change the value of the property to false if we do not want the signer-exchange prompt, or set it to true to be prompted.

  4. Save and close the file.



When the property is set to false, no prompt displays if a signer is not trusted. In this case the SSL handshake fails. Once the proper signer for the connection being made is manually installed in the trust store, the SSL handshake can succeed.

When the property is set to true, a signer-exchange prompt displays, and you are asked to accept or reject the certificate. If we accept the certificate, it is installed in the trust store automatically and the handshake succeeds. If we reject the certificate, it does not get installed in the trust store and the handshake fails since the certificate is not trusted.

The prompt looks like the following example:



PROFILE_HOME\dmgr\bin>serverStatus -all ADMU0116I: Tool information is being logged in file
           PROFILE_HOME\Dmgr\logs\serverStatus.log ADMU0128I: Starting tool with the dmgr profile ADMU0503I: Retrieving server status for all servers ADMU0505I: Servers found in configuration: ADMU0506I: Server name: dmgr

*** SSL SIGNER EXCHANGE PROMPT *** SSL signer from target host is not found in truststore  C:/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/Dmgr/etc/trust.p12.

Verify that the digest value matches what is displayed at the server in the following signer information:

Subject DN:, O=IBM, C=US Issuer DN:, O=IBM, C=US Serial number: 1128544457 Expires:       Thu Oct 20 15:34:17 CDT 2006 SHA-1 Digest:  91:A1:A9:2D:F2:7D:70:0F:04:06:73:A3:B4:A4:9C:56:9D:A8:A3:BA MD5 Digest:    88:72:C5:88:00:1C:A7:FA:D6:EB:04:88:AC:A1:C9:13

Add signer to the truststore now? (y/n) y A retry of the request might need to occur. ADMU0508I: The Application Server "server1" is STARTED.


Next steps

Clients can instigate communications for various processes using signer certificates obtained from WAS.

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