Automating SSL configurations using scripting

SSL configuration is needed for WebSphere to perform SSL connections with other servers. A SSL configuration can be configured through the Admin Console. But if an automated way to create an SSL configuration is desired then AdminTask should be used.

Before starting this task, wsadmin must be running. See the Start wsadmin article for more information.

AdminTask can be used in a interactive mode and batch mode. For automation the batch mode options should be used. AdminTask batch mode can be called in a JACL or Python script. Interactive mode will step through all the parameter the task needs, requires ones are marked with a '*'. Before the interactive task executes the task it echoes the batch mode syntax of the task to the screen. This can be helpful when writing batch mode scripts. There attributes needed to create an ssl configurations:

If automating the creation of an SSL Configuration it may be needed to create some of the attribute values needed like the key store, trust store, key manager, and trust managers.


Commands for the AdminTask object