Audit record keystore settings

The Audit record keystore panel is used by an auditor to define the keystores used for storing the encryption certificate used to encrypt the audit records. Keystores used for auditing are managed outside of other keystores being used on the system to facilitate separation of the authority of the auditor for the authority of the administrator.

To view this admin console page, click one of the following paths:


The Name field specifies the unique name for the keystore. This is a required field.


Path where the keystore file is located. This is a required field.

to be used for this keystore. This is a required field.


Specifies confirmation of the value provided in the field. This is a required field.


The Type field specifies the type of the keystore. The Type dropdown menu has the following options for defining the keystore type:



  • PKCS12 - The default value for the Type field is PKCS12.

  • Cryptographic Token Device (PKCS11)

  • JKS

  • PKCS12JarSigner


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