Administer security users and roles with TAM

Use these steps to manage user-to-role mappings and user-to-group mappings for applications.

User-to-role mapping and user-to-group mapping for the JACC provider of TAM are performed using the WAS admin console.


  1. Click Applications > Enterprise applications > myapp.

  2. Under Additional properties, click Security role to user/group mapping. The user and groups management screen is displayed.

  3. Select the role that requires user or group management and use Lookup users or Lookup groups to manage the users or groups for the selected role. The native role mapping uses the MapRolesToUsers administrative task. If using TAM, use the TAMMapRolesToUsers administrative task instead. The syntax and options for the Tivoli version are the same as those used in the native version.

    See Role-based security with embedded TAM and Set TAM groups.


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