Administer managed domains, firmware, and settings versions using scripting

Use wsadmin to administer managed domain and firmware version history for the DataPower appliance manager. We can revert to previous domain and firmware versions that exist in the DataPower appliance manager.

Before beginning, set up the DataPower appliance manager by adding and configuring appliances and managed sets.

When a DataPower administrator modifies the domain, firmware, or settings, the DataPower appliance manager automatically creates a copy of the previous configuration as domain, firmware, and settings versions if the following conditions apply:

Use wsadmin to view a history of versions, revert to a previous domains version, or copy a domain version to another managed set. This page provides examples for modifying the domain, firmware, and settings versions. To view additional information and examples for the commands in this topic, refer to the documentation for the dpManagerCommands command group for AdminTask.



What to do next

Use wsadmin to manage appliances, firmware, domains, managed sets, and appliance-specific settings.

WebSphere DataPower appliance manager overview


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