Introduction: Messaging resources

Explore the key concepts pertaining to applications that use messaging resources.

JMS provider support

This topic provides an overview of the support for JMS providers by WebSphere Application Server.

Styles of messaging in applications

This topic describes the ways that applications can use point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging. Applications can use various styles of asynchronous messaging.

JMS interfaces - explicit polling for messages

This topic provides an overview of applications that use JMS interfaces to explicitly poll for messages on a destination then retrieve messages for processing by business logic beans (enterprise beans).

Message-driven beans - automatic message retrieval

WebSphere Application Server supports the use of message-driven beans as asynchronous message consumers.

WebSphere Application Server cloning and WebSphere MQ clustering

Here is a summary of information about using WebSphere Application Server horizontal cloning with WebSphere MQ server clustering support. It describes a scenario that shows how the message listener service can be configured to take advantage of WebSphere MQ server clustering and provides some information about how to resolve potential runtime failures in the clustering scenario.

Asynchronous messaging - security considerations

This topic describes considerations that you should be aware of if you want to use security for asynchronous messaging with WebSphere Application Server.

JMS components on V5 nodes

To provide messaging support on a WAS Version 5 node, there is at most one JMS server and some number of JMS resources configured for the default messaging JMS provider on that node.

Configuring WebSphere MQ connection pooling

To improve the overall performance of JMS within the system, the message listener service enables the connection pooling facility provided by the WebSphere MQ JMS implementation.

Message-driven beans - listener port components

The WAS support for message-driven beans deployed against listener ports is based on JMS message listeners and the message listener service, and builds on the base support for JMS.

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