uninstall command

The uninstall command uninstalls the product. When you uninstall the product, the uninstaller program removes the core product files and all of the profiles.


Before you begin

uninstalling the product

If servers are running and security is enabled, the uninstaller program cannot shut down the servers and the uninstall procedure fails. Manually stop all servers before uninstalling the product.

You can disable security in the administrative console before uninstalling the product. Then the uninstaller program can stop all server processes. Click Security > Global security and clear the check box for enabling global security in the administrative console.

You can also modify the install_root/profiles/profile/properties/soap.client.props file in each profile to allow the uninstaller program to issue commands against the profile. After modifying the file, one can run the uninstaller program in a secure environment without having to manually stop each server process.

See Uninstalling the product for more information about how to edit the properties/soap.client.props file.


Location of the command file

The command file is located in the _uninst directory in the installation root directory.

The command file is named:


Command syntaxCommand parameters are described at

the end of this topic. This section describes the recommended command syntax, which starts the uninstaller wizard.


Uninstalling the product

See Uninstalling Network Deployment for information about how to uninstall the product.



Examine the install_root/logs/uninstlog.txt file to verify that there were no file system or other unusual errors while uninstalling. If there are problems, correct them, and uninstall manually before reinstalling the product.

After uninstalling a WAS product, delete the installation root directory before reinstalling into the same directory. Deleting the old directory avoids XML configurations that are not valid that result from retaining old files. To delete all files so that one can reinstall with a clean system, see Uninstalling manually.


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